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The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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17th-Feb-2020 02:36 pm(no subject)
giants; - barry barry good year;;
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giants; - barry barry good year;;
The title says it all, doesn't it? My friend and I were in the library, we were at the back where we noticed the back of the shelves were painted white. Then we looked closer at one of them. My friend pointed out that there was a pad. Stuck right onto the back. And, written in black ink, were the words "ha ha". Considering how immature we are, we busted out laughing. Hysterically. Then, after we finally stopped laughing, we told our English teacher who was supervising. She said she was going to "dispose" of the item "discreetly". After we told her, we went back, and she took a picture of it. Some other people were there too, and noticed it there. Then, they started to laugh hysterically, and then our teacher told us to stop staring at it.

Maybe I should believe some of what I see on Wikipedia. Apparently, Kellie Pickler was supposedly going out with someone from the Nashville Predators. At first I didn't believe it, because it said Jordin Tootoo, and I can't really see anyone even liking him (unless you're a Nashville fan or something), so I started laughing. However, today during second period, I was reading news and saw an article about her and how she's adjusting to life in Nashville:

''She's not in a serious relationship, Pickler said, but does have her eye on an unnamed Nashville hockey player.

'Everyone always says we're the `hockey-tonk hookup' or whatever in Nashville. It's kind of cute,' she said. 'He has introduced me to so many different types of food. I've been eating raw fish. It's kind of weird. I ate eel the other day.' "

from Yahoo.

Considering it probably could be just a guy who's playing hockey in Nashville, I probably overreacted or something. Plus, none of the guys on the Predators team is even that cute.

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